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About us

We are a group of passionate designers who love children and specialize in their clothing. The future doctors, engineers, photographers, businessmen and successful people who would drive our nation to greatness. These little ones carry your dreams forward and in turn you invest and ensure that they grow up good.

As a child turns 2 years old , they get a sense of belonging and start liking their favorite toy , dresses and objects. Like Albert Einstein used to play with jigsaw`s , puzzles and construction kits. And love wearing striped comfortable clothes. The idea is that these objects defines their liking and build a foundation of their future self.

We ,with our design counterparts in UK have carefully studied the science behind kids clothing and bring to you a blend of comfort and carefully thought designs that unveil the hidden skills and inculcate a healthy character in your child. Like you we want them to "Grow up Good"

The colorful prints, cute characters and the colors we use and design are inspired by the joy and love children bring into our lives. In turn keeping them in a happy mood always.

The Fabrics we use are 100% Natural(chemical and pesticides free),Soft, Non-irritating, Rash-Free, Non-clingy, Non-slippery and Breathable because Breathability and Comfort level are the first and foremost consideration.

Let us take care of their clothing and you can focus on what matters the most, shedding undivided love on your children and keeping them happy and healthy.

This specially designed website will enable you to quickly take decisions from our assorted variety of carefully researched and curated clothes. Quick access to age sections to save your time and many offers and varieties to choose from. Lets Begin Click here  to shop .